Hi, my name is Mark John Buenconsejo, and i have been coding since 1997. Through these years, i have coded using many programming languages, platforms, libraries, and tools.

I made this site, as a way to showcase my work, and to share, what others might find useful.

Learn more about me, at http://markjeee.com. If you want to get in touch, send me a message on Telegram or via e-mail.


A list of stuffs i have worked on:

nlevel/cableguy - compile configuration files based on a template and a cabling DB. Cabling DB is a key-value store, defined using a ruby-based DSL, or via a cabling values file, which is a YML file typically stored in the home_path.

nlevel/bobby - a super Chef cookbook, for quickly provisioning system environments, based on known setups (Ubuntu-based). So far, built environments for PHP and Ruby.

nlevel/thomas - thomas the docker builder. a mix of docker build scripts for various services/frameworks used in a continuous delivery pipeline.

nlevel/devkit - a helper code for running docker containers for dev environments.

markjeee.github.io - this website, a place i share code and do experiments.

exercism-solutions - my answers to challenges in exercism. as they say, practice makes perfect.

cebucodecamp/uno - this is a programming exercise for anyone who wants to try Haskell by implementing the Uno game. It’s designed to be a progressive way of learning, with test codes provided, and the coder just needs to implement the functions to pass the tests.

cebucodecamp/exploding - another programming exercise, similar to uno above, but based in the Exploding Kittens card game.

vagrant-forward_ports - a vagrant plugin, to easily configure port forwards (or reverse forwards), between the host and guest VM, using SSH.

rubygems-mirror - a forked rubygems-mirror to support custom location of config file.

Socket.IO-rack - a server-side, rack-middleware for the Socket.IO JS framework. A bit old, and unmaintained.